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I wrote a book! "Easy Anatomy"!

2014-08-31 04:54:11 by Jazza

Hey guys!

I wrote a book and made some resources on drawing anatomy! I started putting them together early this year and it's taken a lot of planning and editing, and I couldn't be happier with the result.

It's sponsored by Newgrounds of course, and comeswith a bunch of other reasources, so yeah, just though you guys might be interested to hear!



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2014-08-31 06:03:25

oh nice one


2014-08-31 06:12:46

A book Cool Man !


2014-08-31 08:47:33

This is fantastic :) Congratulations on your book! For someone like myself who find drawing harder than explaining the EPR Paradox, this book will be extremely useful and i love the fact you have exercise sheets too.
Well done :)


2014-08-31 20:05:04

this seems interesting.

where can i get such a book?
in amazon?

Jazza responds:

There's a link in the text, I tried amazon but they bollox up the book every attempt, no matter what format I try!


2014-08-31 22:18:21



2014-09-01 12:54:33

i still remember the last time when i mentioned something about the difference between male & female anatomy wich led to "prikle" call me out on how theres more then just one base of anatomy ..like fat, skinny, short, tall etc, not every male is muscled and every female is curvy
i hope you got that covered in your book because from that video i didnt see much variations of body shapes.....just saiyan

Jazza responds:

I definitely lead with the premise that we're working with archetypes/cliche body types, but I plan in future to cover varying body types in greater detail


2014-09-01 19:06:52

Cool, I'll have to buy a copy!

Jazza responds:

Very kind of you good sir!


2014-09-01 21:31:27



2014-09-03 18:45:16

That is just wonderful.


2014-09-04 00:22:55

Oh that's so awesome! I'll have to grab a copy when I get some cash. Thanks for all your hard work in putting this together, it really is something great!


2014-09-04 21:48:16

you've got yourself a customer! no hesitation.

Jazza responds:

Thank you! :D


2015-01-05 10:21:52

Easy Anatomy just purchased! Good way to say thanks for all your free tutorials in Youtube. I'll use it in January Superhero Selfie challenge, hehe :D

Congratulations and good luck with your projects!!