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2014-02-02 22:11:46 by Jazza

Hey all!

So I've just launched a new Artist club called 'By Artists For Artists'.

BAFA aims to be a platform where new and learning artists can be a part of larger more polished projects, intermediate artists can gain some exposure and expand their portfolio, and experienced artists can share their knowledge and recieve validation for their hard work.

Along with that I've also launched the first BAFA group project, an animation with the theme "Failed Superheroes" - the project will be divided into 5 parts, the first being script, and for each part there is a $100 prize up for grabs! The project is sponsored by Newgrounds, so in participating you're supporting good ol' NG!

So please check out BAFA and subscribe to follow with the projects progress



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2014-02-02 23:29:26

Does that mean anyone can join

because that would be cool

Jazza responds:

Sure does


2014-02-03 00:17:56

We need a forum thread for this


2014-02-03 04:22:43

hey i sent you a script by logan and adam kennedy and i dont wish to submit, i didnt see the rules at the end, and I DO NOT WISH to give up my right to my copy written character. i do have the paper to show it.


2014-02-03 09:05:02

Neat. Any place for voice actors to help out? :)


2014-02-03 10:57:15

Neat. Any place for voice actors to help out? ;F


2014-02-03 10:58:04

Nah but seriously, love it. With Jazza at the wheel, it HAS to go far. Hope it does, too!


2014-02-03 13:23:45

Is one of the five parts "Music"? Because that would be splendid.

Jazza responds:

I sure hope so! We'll see where it goes, I plan for it to revolve around visual artists, but as with the first project being 'script', I'm sure it'll open up here and there to broader groups like musicians and voice actors :)


2014-02-03 18:17:12

Could i write a sequal to one of my cartoons about a failed superhero? XD


2014-02-03 18:31:12

What SirUndead said. x_x


2014-02-04 03:54:12

Out of curiosity, do the remaining participants get feedback for their submitted work?

Jazza responds:

Unfortunately no :( There are lots of entries and for me to give individual feedback would take far too much time when in the end I need to use my time as constructively as possible, either earning money to pay my bills, or actually working on the projects.