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Goodbye Larry

Posted by Jazza - September 23rd, 2013

Hey all

I've made the unfortunate decision to put the Larry series on an indefinite hiatus. I've not been able to release anything Larry related for over 3 years and internet years being as they are, it's time to move on and finish other projects. I won't abandon it completely, it's still something I care about a lot, but now is not the time. A thought I've had is that some time in the future I could potentially kickstart a Larry feature length cartoon (90 minutes long or so) which in itself would encompass the entirety of the story I had planned (I had a whole bunch of neat twists and characters that I never quite got to share, and the story arc I had planned lends itself more to a movie format than a series anyway). Either way that's just a thought for now and I'm making room for other projects, namely Ortus, and building stability in my youtube/NG channels.

Thank you all for your support with Larry over the years, his home is and always will be newgrounds so with any luck you'll see him around some time in the future, but for now, he's being tucked away.



Goodbye Larry, the good times will never be forgotten :')

You've got a number of things out of making Larry, Jazza. As one who has enjoyed Larry, I really hope you can bring him back at some point when its practical for you to do so and I love the idea of a feature length production.

He shall never be forgotten

You too huh? I wouldn't bicker, a lot of animators have the same things you're facing. It's okay. When you have that creative spirit back, you do what you do.

Thanks Jazza! I'll follow you and support you!

Well.... that certainly sucks. Then again, I kind of knew this would inevitably happen being 3 years and all. Still, I like how you're not giving up on the series completely, I REALLY want to see this series end in a definite and natural way. Anyway, best of luck to you and Larry's future. Also, I hate to sound like a broken record, but what happened to the Ortus updates? I don't really care for a definite release date or anything, I just want to see a little bit of the progress to help tide things over. The worst thing you can do is just not show anything over long periods of time.

You're totally right, we're jumping back into being more sharing, we've given two updates in the last few months and plan on keeping them going as we try and finish of the game :) They are on our kickstarter page

That's too bad. Best of luck with Ortus and your other endeavors.

Speak of the devil. As soon as I check your facebook page, I come to see my comment was made in an uneducated haste and that you have already posted a September update. DAMN YOU JAZZA AND YOUR ABILITY TO INVALIDATE MY COMMENTS.

I do share your thoughts about being more proper for a movie format (had the feeling there's was a lot behind left). Otherwise, I'm a bit sad, but still keep it up and conquer Youtube.

... And good luck with Ortus!!

This is sad, but understandable.
Do you think about collaborate with someone else with it. I mean u could do script/story boards/voice acting and some one else would do animation. Larry is a pretty big thing on Newgrounds and also an one of NG symbols (like Tankmen, Clockday or Madness) and I think many good animators would be happy to to work on Larry with you.

goddammit jazza

Well..... Fuck!

If you ask me, a post like this is a lot more uplifting than "I'm still working on this old thing for the 4th year in a row".
Here's to growing!

Well, this sucks, but at least now I can look forward to Larry The Movie. And somehow I knew from the beginning it would come to this.

This is sad, but at least now I know. The 'not knowing' for so long was killing me.

But if there ever will be a kickstarter, you got my money, that's the least I can do for all the good laughs Larry has brought with him.

Whoah! I need to throw into garbage bin all projects that take longer than 2 years to make!
Or wait... Maybe I need to donate all my time to one project, and not do anything until I finish it first.
That's right.

hahahahaha! now this is so much fun!

One day, if you get to the right place, and you feel like dusting off Larry, you'll bring a whole new layer to the project, I'm sure.

oh well, no problem.

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