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New animations and extensive tutorials!

Posted by Jazza - July 24th, 2013

G'day Ladies and Gentlemen!

So, I made a short animation about Dota 2 which some of you might enjoy

I also have made a 6 part tutorial set going through the entire process of how I made the animation, start to finish! (I'll release a new 'part' every day until it's all up). I've also got the raw assets for you to steal and look at and muck around with to your hearts desires!

I've got another animation coming out next week (Dota 2 related... again...) - then after that I'm going to smash out LARRY ep 2.5 - it's LOOONG overdue. Keep well peeps! <3


haha hilarious dude! voices are awesome

Glad to hear. I miss Larry.
10,000 fans WOOO!!!

Oh snap, that's cool!

I just imagine the face you had when you were voice acting this. Hilarious.

I miss Larry too!
congrats on the milestone man.

Larry 2.5? I love you.

i can see why he likes dota 2 he has 661 hours on it and it playing it right now at this moment. ^^ (and we all miss our ''big'' hero larry and dond forget the wizard, and i miss the larry comics too :3)

Someone's been a busy beaver.

long time you didn't work on something like that (animations) nice to see you back, im also addicted to dota 2, but i stopped these days to get back animating for those little brats---any hopes of you to work on some wisp set? here is an idea <a href="http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=133564276">http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedeta ils/?id=133564276</a>

That's been on for a while

That's been on for a while

Great news, Jazza! I look forward to Larry 2.5.

finally some news on larry, almost thought it was trashed

i so cant wait for larry 2.5 it has been so long and stuf i remember watching it in IT class and than some one joined me and at the end we were watching larry all together and playing the game to see who could finish it first :3 (2e comment so u can see im over EXITED!!!!!!!!!)

I haven't made an animation in anything past Flash CS3, so I'm interested to see what tips you have, especially with character rigging - which I have never seen or used in my life outside of CG. If it speeds up the workflow, I'll probably jump back into flash a lot sooner than expected.

Looking forward to Larry again. Any estimate on how long it will take due to everything?

I HOPE a few months, but you never know...

"At 11 hours ago, 123mine123 wrote:
when is the next larry the freakin' knight?
just curious! :D

when i finish the game i'm working on, end of the year"

Above was the message I sent you and you replied to on Aug 31, 2011.
I don't know about you but end of the year or not it would still be worth the wait! :3
Also Jazza, thanks to you rflash tutorials, Im finally motivated again to make flashes!
Although, Im actually making it as good as I can, I'm finally at the Character Rigging stage after 7 hours on Audacity, doing the script, doing the animatics, and the background.
(I'm not used to making projects that takes this long especially for something just around 40 secs long)
Really helped me in a huge way! :D
And thanks so much!

Is there EVER going to be a larry Episode 3?

Super excited about the next Larry episode, looking forward to it! Also thank you so much for your tutorials, they've taught me so much about animation, and I plan to do some animating myself with all I've learnt, and I'm barely above half your age! Love you stuff so much, thank you! :D

Just to say, I love your tuts, they realy helpful and I love it how you mention stuff which I am curious about, so I always get what you are talking about. You should be a teacher in schools n' stuff!

I'm a big fan of your tutorials. Thanks for creating VCam AS2/AS3 and making the world a better place. :)

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