Entry #113

HIRE ME! - Open to Commissions

2013-07-14 06:01:27 by Jazza


Thought I'd let you know my website is updated to include a quote generator for commission work. Check it out if you're interested in hiring an artist for custom art or animation!

CLICK HERE to visit my website's new Freelance page!

Massive thanks to Lochie for putting the page together for me.


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2013-07-14 06:56:48

well, it looks better than the older one, good job !


2013-07-14 08:43:51

yay commissions!!!


2013-07-14 13:04:04

Not to sound like a borken record, but are we ever going to get any more updates on Ortus?

Jazza responds:

Yes, we're just sorting out some issues which are very sensitive


2013-07-14 16:03:39

I will pay you 10 dollars if you let me blow you. No I am not a female, I am a very hideous, fat, 25 year old looking for a nice skinny blonde Australian who knows his way around the wacom pen if you catch my drift. Snacks and beverages will be available throughout the process as well as masks and whips if you're into that. Very excited to hear from you! (if you catch my tokyo drift)


2013-07-14 23:21:45

awesome quote generator, I wish I had thought of something like that, very cool.
gives a fair price without the pressure of being haggled. I wish you the best man.

Jazza responds:

Thanks mate! :)


2013-07-15 01:41:58

Better then 1500$


2013-07-15 12:11:57

Ever done poster art?


2013-07-18 18:58:33

Hey, old fan here. Been' so since paladin 3 came out back in the day. Two quick things : What happened with Ortus I completely lost track with you in general for a year now and I feel dissapointed in myself.
And second , I presume you have work constantly and all that which is completely uderstandable I just want a straight answer if its not too much of an annoyance to ask.... L.A.R.R.Y WHERE IS IT ITS BEEN WHAT TWO YEARS NOW? MORE? Q_Q Games were awesome consider getting them over to Android/iOS (just kidding just 4 android) Oh and I honestly wish you success if thats how you spell it correctly SO YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON IMPORTANT LIFE OBJECTIVES LIKE LARRY


2013-07-20 22:52:12

I'd give it a try considering how good of an artist you are. At a young age your Paladin series even at one point inspired me to become an animator. Unfortunately that hadn't turned out as well as i initially expect but in spite of this i'm giving you full support on this project. Also i'm very cheap and going the buy the most inexpensive piece of artwork i can afford.