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Artist Showcase: Join in!

Posted by Jazza - March 14th, 2013

Hey all

I've started a segment on my Youtube Channel in which I showcase the artwork of people on newgrounds who send me their art. I've been sent hundreds of artworks and while I can't showcase all of them, I am reviewing everything sent to me.

In addition to being featured on my Showcase Videos on Youtube, Tom Fulp has agreed to let me pick one of the atworks every week to feature on the front page of Newgrounds!

I'm enjoying seeing and reviewing people's work, and have gotten a great response from artists who have enjoyed the extra exposure and sharing experience.

If you'd like me to review your art work, have a chance to be in a future artist showcase video, and perhaps win a spot on the Newgrounds Front Page, PM me a link to ONE of your recent artworks (Keywords: ONE + RECENT) and I'll review it and consider it for a showcase! Make sure the word 'SHOWCASE' in capital letters is in the PM subject title so I know what it's about, and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you can see the showcase videos as they come out!

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PS: I don't mean to come across as considering myself the authority on all-things-art, I just like the sharing experience, and I have an audience on Youtube that while small, is enthusiastic and friendly which I'd like to enjoy you participating in! :)


awesome, favourited a few people!

It's cool that you have front-page posting powers now.

I feel like some kind of demi-god

Awesome idea, and even better with some advertising directing YouTube visitors back to NG instead of the other way around, which seems to be increasingly common nowadays. If I magically compose some artistic masterpiece within a near future I'll be sure to send it in. Great initiative!

Thanks man, yeah that's the Idea. I figure, fighting to get the people who do nothing but watch content to go to Newgrounds instead of Youtube could be a losing battle, but focusing on the people who create the content, Newgrounds offers a community where no place else does quite as good :)

My congrats on doing this. It's an hefty amount of work, but it helps people improve. All my respect.

I'l sub you as soon as I can get an account.

My congrats on doing this. It's an hefty amount of work, but it helps people improve. All my respect.

I'l sub you as soon as I can get an account.

Got dang, I'm working on a picture myself at the moment, but boy can you bet I'll send it your way when I'm done!

Is this strictly for art (as in drawings) or do animations fall in to that category as well?

Strictly art, sorry. There's already enough for me to struggle keeping up with and I'm not featuring animations on my channel currently. That might change in the future but for now I want to keep things simple.

Getting confused about the Keywords here... is it ONE + RECENT, or SHOWCASE ad you said on the youtube video?
Its just really bugging me...

no by ONE and RECENT, I was pointing out I only want to be sent ONE picture, and for it to be recent. SHOWCASE should be in the message title.

Interesting idea, i quite like it. Cant wait to see the next showcase
If i had any recent artworks i would send you one, unfortunately i havent drawn anything in months :(

Sounds like a pretty darn cool idea!

Do Minecraft skins on Skincraft count? Because I have a few really good ones on my channel from Team Fortress 2...

I really like the show!
You should feature my art...because...
I could really use the exposure ...