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Detailed Photoshop Painting tutorials! + Speedpaints

Posted by Jazza - January 22nd, 2013

Hey all

As some of you know I've been pretty enthusiastic about making tutorials and speedpainting lately. Well I wanted to pop in to mention I've just uploaded a tutorial set on painting in Photoshop in detail so you can see how I go about it, and will be uploading a new part each day. Make sure to subscribe to get those updates.

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I've been enjoying making lots of art lately, my most recent one being of the Game Grumps, and I have a few in mind next. I'm a huge Dota 2 fan so doubtless I'll be doing a few heroes from that game, as well as some tribute images to some books I've really enjoyed over the past year (in particular, Mistborn, and the Name of the Wind).

Any other ideas for some paintings?


Out of curiosity, will we see any Larry this year? It's been quite a while since we've seen anything in that regard.

One day... I must say, I really want to but reality being what it is makes that very hard to so financially, and to get the motivation to go back to something I last worked on 2.5 years ago. I just need the time... urg

Checked these out yesterday- the faces are the star o the show, but whatever, it's their dumb lil hands that cracks me up.

Make sure whatever DOTA 2 thing you do has loads of crazy fire and energy whippin around.

Will do! and thanks :D

Kvothe is such an interesting character don't you think? Ive been wanting to make some artwork from The Name of the Wind for ages now but never got around to it, have you read The Wise Man's Fear yet?

Read both. So glad to see someone else who read them. I'm REALLY drawn to making an art piece of Kvothe. So many ideas :D

thx for the tuts!

Definitely really interesting and helpful tutorials! Now can you show us a tutorial on drawing Larry so we can draw it for ourselves in case you never draw the series again? XD

Nice job, can't wait for dota images :D
(draw TA for me plzplz)

I wish someone would make a tutorial on as to why my Photoshop slows down every 10 minutes and I have to keep restarting it. :/ Any ideas?

That would probably be more along the lines of a computer repair tutorial :P

Ever play the game Assassins Creed? It would be cool if someone did Connor. Just an idea :)

Oh my gosh, my friend just very recently gave me The Name of The Wind to read.... and I quite love it.
Also. I can't believe it's been... what, 10 years since you've started? My, my. That's quite a long time.
I was actually thinking about starting some animation myself. Any idea where to start?

Well. If my black hole of music doesn't suck me in first.

Oh. That was a rather dumb question, in hindsight.