Entry #104

New speedpaint video + Flash tutorial

2012-08-25 09:51:35 by Jazza

Hey guys!

Just pooping in to show you the result of my very productive day today, I painted this and filmed/sped the process:

/* */
I also made a video tutorial for people new to using flash who would like some basic tips and tools:

/* */
If you like this kind of thing (speedpaints and/or tutorials) make sure to check out my youtube channel dedicated to such things, and if you like what you see, subscribe, share it around, etc.

Anyhow, toodles!


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2012-08-25 10:17:58

Nice artwork!


2012-08-25 10:58:19

wow..that speedpaint make it looks even more awesome


2012-08-25 14:13:20

I wish I had done for Flash 8


2012-08-25 14:39:48

mr Jazza, that speed painting tutorial is really great, now Im trying to return to the drawing, so I will be using some info from your tutorials

Jazza responds:

I hope you find them useful :)


2012-08-25 16:20:06

Those basics actually even taught me the use of some things I had been too stubborn in my established comfort to touch.


2012-08-25 16:49:40

Did you mean to say pooping?

Jazza responds:



2012-08-25 22:18:00

Your just Pooping in? well, ok I guess, I don't know how you "fancy animators" go about conducting your "business", but as far as I'm concerned its none of my business.


2012-08-26 03:39:35

how many time in real took you to draw this art creation? Must be long right?

Jazza responds:

about 7-8 hours :)


2012-08-27 01:42:17

Hey Jazza, how's Ortus coming along?

Jazza responds:

Slowly but surely!


2012-08-27 02:07:44

Well first I fucking hate you for drawing that good and second....nah that's it, fuck you haha

Jazza responds:

haha oh you. I love you. you know you can feel it too.


2012-08-29 21:24:44

you do some of the best flash tutorials i have ever seen

simply amazing

Jazza responds:

thanks mate! Glad you like!