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New Voice Acting Tutorial Video!

Posted by Jazza - August 2nd, 2011

I'm no expert, but I have noticed a lack of voice acting tutorials out there for the people who ask almost all the same questions, so I thought I'd attempt making one myself.

If you've ever PM'd me and asked me questions regarding voice acting, my answers are in here, If you're an experienced voice actor, it's always good to share ideas so let me know your thoughts. If you don't care about voice acting at all, mute the sound and watch my retarded face.


Where's the warm up where I drink a bottle of Jack Daniels, do all my screamy lines, get in a fight with my neighbors over the noise, lose my voice yelling at them, and then do all my old whispery wizard records?

also, hugs mate, nice vid.

lol thanks man. I know what you mean, when I lose my voice I can get really rich deep voices, but it's reaaaaaallly bad for you're voice lol

You're so damn funny xD

I found this video helpful and amusing. Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge

Texan accent was like.. deep south farmer from the 1800s who didnt have a toothbrush lmao.

This was almost really good. Some bits were a bit too video blog-ish, but well done on being practically the only person makin a voice acting tutorial!

I liked the animation tutorials you did aswell.

you have geat voice acting skills jazza!

Your face reminds me of a "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" type of Cary Elwes.

What kind of microphone are you using? I just ordered a snowball mic.

i use an sE mic, 2200a

Nice, very nice tutorial you've made. You could have also explained what sort of programs people can use (such as Audacity) or how to talk into a mike so as to not produce distortions and the like, but you still managed to cover a lot of ground succinctly, so kudos.

You also could have pointed out where people can go to look for work, so to speak, such as the Voice Acting Club and the Voice Acting Alliance.

good points, though too much informations in my mind would make it boring, and since i don't look for work and only use one recording program i'd be less qualified to give that advice hehe

I practiced voice acting from the wiki here <a href="http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creator-resources/voice-recording">http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/creato r-resources/voice-recording</a>

Not that anyone cares.

that's kinda what gave me the idea.

haha yes! american accent was too funny - i just ordered a condenser mic so i hope to be doing some voice work soon!

awesome dude good luck!

In other words, you just over explained something everyone already knew how to do?

man i wanna one of those T-Shirts, i love madness :D

and also great video man i love Larry and looks like only a girl can make you stop working now

girls can make anyone stop :(

nope, no girlfriend, been working on a game for almost a year.

Thanks for the tips thor, Im gonna go voice act now :)

Do it ChamberTron. Do it.

Your awesome at accents, just wanted to let you know...

If you ever shave off that beard i will loose all respect towards you. Oh by the way hows Ortus going? I remember reading on a lurk site that the team broke up into groups or something D: Does that mean you're no longer involved in the project? Also Are you working on side projects like larry?
Sorry for the spam ._.

LOL can you link me to the site you read that off? I'm really curious now... anyhow NO it's still in full swing and we're putting huge amounts of game content together. I'll be working on Larry when this game is finished.

lol awesome Joker laugh! Nice job with the tutorial too, it was helpful!

Wow, seriously, thank you for the video. I thought about doing some voice acting myself :P

Only problem is, I have a strong french accent when I speak english, and everytime I do a voice, it shows a lot. Do you have any sort of training or any advice so I can do a full english accent when necessary? Otherwise, I might only get chosen to do the "Weird arrogant french guy" in a flash -_-"

practice is the key i suppose, but to be honest, everyone who isn't french who tries to do a french accent fails horribly so it might not be a bad thing lol

I love this tutorial so much! I'm trying to re-practice some voice acting but it's been so long since I've done it that I get a mind-blank everytime. ^^

deey toek ter djerbs!

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