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Video Update on Projects. And nudity.

Posted by Jazza - June 3rd, 2011

A video update on my recent activities since i haven't been able to upload anything major for a while.

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Didn't you just make an FP Post 3 days ago? The fuck? Lol do the meal tickets get 2 a week or something?

Iduno how it works, just did :P

will the gameplay for Ortus be similar to Wayland Keep?

Yes and No, BWK was made in 2.5 weeks and is and RTS, Ortus is a RPG with huge levels of customization and plot, and dialogue is far more in depth, but its the same 'view' and similar dialogue view.

Do you have a date yet for when is Ortus coming to NG? Also, I lol'd.

2011 :P and it'll be on NG after a month's exclusive period on armorgames

Jizzard ... you'll never be lonely.

Also, high-fives for playing Sky, it was my first musical lead in High School ... oh the days.

<a href="http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v1943/102/103/721026598/n721026598_1723801_3752.jpg">http://a6.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos -ak-snc1/v1943/102/103/721026598/n721 026598_1723801_3752.jpg</a>

Baha look at you! you look like an awesome Sky! and Nicely looks awesome lol

I find the way you do your work a little odd....to be perfectly blunt with you. I realize that there's a need for teasers and such between each huge project, but to make something that is almost the same but different to the current big project that you're working on is kind of awkward. Mostly, most authors want to get some things out there that are relative to the current project that they are working on; you, on the other hand, want to go off into your own little imagination (with the help of others) and make something that doesn't even radiate the actual event it is leading up to.

Not trying to down-grade on how you do your work anyway (not that one little man's opinion will affect on what you do with your life), but just giving a little bit of my view on things. Can't wait 'till Ortus comes out though. Going to be looking forward to it.

well if you really have a job were you work
and how much that hat cost

Congrats! You are a Youtube vlog douche now. Jk jk

Brace your anus... HERE COME GAME JAM!

cant wait for a new Larry flash :3
Also cant wait for Ortus, i fucking love Jouste's work :3

jouste is legend

lol hi mum :3 and ortis is wayland keep i think?Anyway cant wait for the ortus game the sad part is its gonna be a hell of a big file like your last game and we dont care if you dont post a new flash for a while that means your making an extra cool 1 :3 oh and love your naked accent :P

Ortus will be much bigger but loaded from lots of smaller external files so it won't be as bad

Lol why were you yelling when you did that one American accent? I don't yell when I talk asdlfkjasl;dkfjei

don't punch yourself in the ovaries it'll be alright

You have ovaries?


having played wayland keep, i don't care. do something well or don't do it all (or something like that). can't wait for it. =)

Haha, I wonder what Egoraptor was doing behind The-Swain. Was he holding your leg? And did TomaMoto have the beast within? Who were the other two? The one with the potato chip and the creeper behind you. So many unanswered questions.

Also, keep it coming dude. Can't wait to see the next Larry episode and your Game Jam game, if you're joining again this time. Good luck! :D

Cant wait.

Put your clothes back on white boy.


fucking sexy

So for Ortus do we play as a preset main character which is customizable or do we create our own character?

Make your own :)

LOL the accents sound Awesome!

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