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New song, and, WTF planet?

Posted by Jazza - March 14th, 2011

I hesitated as to whether or not I should share this song on the audio portal, let's face it, some people can be heartless dickheads with nothing better to do than piss people off. In the end I decided to upload it because Alexandra, my best friend from high school who died last week, was an amazing person. So I'm sharing it hoping you might get something out of it if you care to listen.

I'll post some more game updates in the next week or so for those who'd rather hear about that stuff. Also, this Japan stuff has just gotten worse and worse, seriously, wtf. the planets just having some major diarrhea right now. 2.5 months in and thousands already dead from natural disasters. geez.


I wish I could say something to help you, but I am horrible with words. All I can say is that I hope you and her family can get through this terrible event. The song and the video were beautiful, and I think that it is perfectly fine to express here.



Aw, forget it.

I'm sorry for your loss. She will be missed.

Sorry for your loss Jazza.

Dealing with death of a friend or family member is always hard. My dad's best friend died about a year ago, and one of my friend's mother passed away recently as well. It is a long and hard healing process, and I hope that you and her family will feel better in time. The song and the video were great, and I am glad that you could devote so much to a lost friend. I know its hard, so you keep in there and stay healthy. In my oppinion you are the best when it comes to flash animation and audio covers/composing (ok might be a bit of a stretch on composing), but still... keep in there.

My condolences Jazza.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and her family.

never to fret, for shes resting in the shinning shores of paridiso no doubt.

Sorry about your friend.

So sorry to hear about your loss, the song is really good and its great that you show so much dedication to your friends. I hope you can get through it.

awww nooo
makes me feel so sad!
i understand what it must be like
my mother died in 2006,
its just horrible.
i dont know what to say,
its just so not fare!!!


We're due for some extinction anywayz.
Also, you spelled 'whether' wrong.

thx. fixed.

The smiley beneath your post is sleeping. Shhhhhhhhhhh...

I think the planet is trying to tell us something.

yeah in 2012 i bet itll be even worse. end of the world is on its way...

iam very sorry for your about that its weird because lots of peoples mums or dads or friends are passing away its weird.

It's the apocalypse, the end of times, etc. blablabla. face your new god and whatnot.

sorry about your pal man

Eh....can't really say much....hell, can't even give you my condolences for ya man. I'm trying to get through a rough patch on my own right now. Sorry and all. Similar situation.

I really hate that I decided to listen to that song now...

I remember back a few years ago, I lost a friend from high school in a car crash as well. Its a horrible feeling to have to go through. I really do wish you the best, and great song, the vocals I liked actually.

As time went on, I was better able to deal with the feeling of things not being the same without her around. I know in time things will get better, so hang in there man and keep your head up. It'll be hard but I know you can do it.


THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS SONG Josiah! I love it completely!

Thanks again!

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