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Larry and the Gnomes

Posted by Jazza - June 8th, 2010

Months of hard work from a dedicated team brings you:

Larry and the Gnomes

To those of you who liked the BRILLIANT music composed by David Orr, please consider supporting us in buying the ALBUM to the game, which will feature all the music from the game converted into dramatic full length songs, and more!

If you pre order now, the small price you pay goes directly to the creators! GOLLY! what a convenient and easy way of supporting great newgrounds artists! lol.

Larry and the Gnomes: the Soundtrack

Moonkey - Most EPIC Programmer Evar!!
Zach Striefel - Custom Sound Effects
David Orr - incredible Music
Kamikaye - astounding artwork
Geoff Edwards - (Playing Whitwick the Storyteller)

Also, if you enjoy my work and would like updates on my music and art and life,
follow me on facebook and/or
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Join the JazzaStudios Forums

All i can say is thank you guys. I know release is a little late, I really wanted this as perfect as possible, and the constant nagging and PM's and comments telling me to hurry up, was very flattering and uplifting. a real honor to think that some of you enjoy this stuff so much.

Thank you.





Caught it in the portal and voted 5. Thanks for the save point. :D

I haven't gotten a chance to play it yet but I will ASAP. Which will most likely be tomorrow. :(


lol just played the game almost at the end :o i see you put a weapon that was from another game XD

8 actually :)

Epic has BEGUN!!!!!!..... :3

Same as RYNOL here.

I haven't had the time to check out the game yet (damn exams in two weeks), but I'm proud to be one of the 200 folks who "saved" this groundbreaking game. :D

Yo Jazza, i know you just finished the game, but you need to fix something real quick that will drive people nuts if you dont.

On the third boss its very difficult to pick up the fruit. Is there a way that you can make it easier to pick up? I still have not been able to beat the fight because of this. The boss will come to quick before i can pick up the fruit.

Also, just a suggestion, what you could do for the fruit, is possibly have larry pick it up automatically in his left hand, and the player would just have to press A to heal himself or D to throw it, much like how the throwing rocks work. Possibly even make it so the fruit stacks up to a total of 2 at a time below the throwing rocks.

I dunno, just a suggestion. Right now its so difficult, i can only get the boss halfway.

Sick game man! so close to the end i can almost taste it!!!!! epiclly fun

Sorry, i know what the problem is. Ignore my idea for the buttons, the real problem is this.

1. Takes too damn long for the friggen fruit to land. I literally wait for about 3 seconds before i can even pick up the fruit. When it hits the ground it should be pick up able, but it isn't, it takes much longer than it should.

Anyway thats my suggestion, i know the fight is supposed to be hard, but that kind of stuff is not needed.

So freakin excited, already played it and its simply amazing great job keep up the good work!

Ok sorry for bugging you so much, but i found another glitch (Past the 3rd Boss)

on the second part of the 4th Act, theres a point where you reach a cliff with a bunch of rifle men. I knocked one of them off the cliff and all they did was bounce on the trampoline ahead, and made it impossible for me to kill them.

Lol loving the game btw.

Damn man, that is an awesome game, been playing for half an hour already, too awesome to handle, taking a break :P
I can tell how much effort must have gone into this, LOADS.

Yo i talked to biff the other day and he thinks that making the first 3D collab with you me and some others would be down right fuckin awesome.

you think that'd be a good project after your done with what your doin?


If I don't do Larry two next I will probably get castrated by someone lol

by the way for larry 2.0 are you gonna make larry and the gnome larry gnomearredon larry big dipper and other references?

No, thank YOU because you actually took your time to make the games EXCELLENT.

I will be waiting for larry episode two! :)
It's funny how you completed two larry episodes ( 1 and 1.5 ) , but you are already strating to make a lot of games.


I'm waiting the "loading" screen
It is a huge game :D
I think it will be cool

How many days it take?

love the game, actually inspires me to find a programmer and make me a game as well :D great work!

epic music epic game epic series do you not know how to make things SO EPIC XD

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