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LARRY. He's Back.

Posted by Jazza - June 1st, 2010

The game "LARRY and the GNOMES" is being released this week, building up to which is the release of two LARRY mini games allowing everyone to show of their skills to the world.

LARRY and the GNOMES (Coming Soon)
Big Dipper

Moonkey - Most EPIC Programmer Evar!!
Zach Striefel - Custom Sound Effects
David Orr - incredible Music
Kamikaye - astounding artwork
Geoff Edwards - (Playing Whitwick the Storyteller)

while i have your attention, I'll whore myself out. :D
(it'll allow me to give you more direct updates on coming releases and progress)

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to those who have sent me angry PM's telling me to hurry up and make LARRY episode 2, it's in the works now, and is scheduled for a early september release! (i'm putting a LOT into it).

less then three newgrounds. less then three.


LARRY. He's Back.


Can't wait. :D

Aweso :D

woo. more drunken bastards and leprechauns! Really. include some form of sething angry two foot tall greenclad irishman with a drinking problem. WHO'S RICH.

sounds good man

to think JAZZA started as a guy making stick videos, just goes to show that in time, things go from crappy, to groundbreaking.

thanks man :D and yet, i'm still a chubby dude who sits at the computer all day. lol jk

I cannot wait until this ***in comes out man, its going to be da bomb, the groundbreaking revolution the flash world has yet to see, the..... what was i talking about?

woah i really want to see the next episode

you shoulda released these mini games as 'cutscene' games in your main project. it just makes it look cheap

We were going to, and I know what you mean, but we thought it would be better in publicizing the main game, and getting new grounds some good spread. Then there's file size stuff too, though the main game still promises to be very big.

Sending angry PMs is freaking bullshit, but I do hope the second episode will come out soon. The games are pretty nice and all, but i still prefer the animations over the games.

Thanks man, yeah I understand, but from the beginning Ive mapped Out games between episode releases simply because they help in really bringing the setting to life far better then I normally can in an 8minute time slot, and they're fun to make

I would love it if you would stop making all these retarded games and spin-offs of Larry rather than just work on the series. I feel like you made newgrounds christmas just to plug your characters with a bunch of other famous newgrounds faces. Stop whoring yourself out when you got nothin to whore in the first place.

Ouch. Believe it or not, I'm just trying to have some fun. Maybe offer some to others too.

You seem ecstatic about the whole thing, amazed you can stay motivated to make all these, what's your secret?

Kittens. ON BREAD. Lol. Nah I just really enjoy revealing more of the karryon world to ya. I got so many characters and plots you don't know about and I get pretty excited about revealing them to everyone. Plus I'm a nerd.

I apologize for my previous statement. I have been irritable lately due to conjunctivitis. Can't wait for the the game and Larry 2.

why thank you kind sir :) i wish you disease be eradicated in the name of zeus


I sort of agree with Pjorg's first statement but I wasn't going to be quite so brash about it. Honestly the Big Dipper minigame isn't very good and it seems like a waste among things to put your talent into. If Larry and the Gnomes turns out to be an awesome game (which it probably will be if the rest of it isn't the quality of that minigame) then it'll be another awesome thing to look forward to. But all in all I think people want to see actual continuations of the Larry series the most.

yeah i know what you mean. this game idea in Larry and the Gnomes is something i've wanted to do for a while and i think sometimes i take for granted that i know everything about Larry and all of the characters and events in Karryon, but episode 2 is coming and it will be far better then the first, i'll be putting all of my time and energy into it.

and dont worry. we spent about a week on the minigame if that, the main game we've been working tirelessly over for months and it has a big fun story where you do get to see things happening around larry and his pals.

You should really make some more episodes before you go crazy making games. They're good regardless though.


stop yelling *tear*

I must admit, this was not how I expected Larry to turn out back in November. Still, between the Normans, the Doug-Out, and this Gnomes project, this has become quite the universe. I'm looking forward to whatever you make of it.

PLZ PLZ PLZ make medals for all your Larry games :D

i have so far havn't i?

the main game has over a thousand points in medals, double what most games are allowed :D

Awesome work man, I honestly can't wait for larry and the gnomes!

Counting down till LARRY and the GNOMES drops bro.

Come ooonnn!!

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