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Sexy New Video

Posted by Jazza - May 9th, 2010

The upcoming game "LARRY and the GNOMES" is progressing really well, beta stage approaching quickly, we expect the release to be the 2nd of June!

Here's a trailer i spent a lot of time and energy purring together for you to enjoy and get a better scope of the game!

NOTE: the game footage does not 100% represent what the final production will be.

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looks pretty epic

Ooooo that looks like fun!

You should commercialize.

You have no idea how much I enjoy Hack and Slash games.

Paladin was a fun flash game also so I look forward to this.

Wow. You... Wow.

Your trailer has done exactly what it was meant to do: I am now looking forward to Larry and the Gnomes with feverish anticipation. I also got a chuckle out of it.

I'd say that makes it a pretty successful trailer.

good to know! thanks mate, i'm glad

What about Larry 2? When will you release it?

By the way, if the game is going to be just 10% of what I just saw, you will win a Daily Award, no doubt.

larry 2 is scheduled right after this game is released.

im so proud of u

Make it able on xbox Like Castle crasher,
Its would be epic

i wish. i got no idea how. lol.

Unfunny trailer filled with stupid shit but the game looks okay

WHOA WHOA WHOA wait the game isnt gonna be 100% like the trailer? That kind sucks D: i mean like i love LARRY and this trailer but hey dont let us down here :(

i meant the trailer isnt the finished version footage. it will be better.

god dammit i just wet myself because that was so epic

The eyes of the world are upon you. Will you hold their attention?

we can only hope.

will it have medals? I'd be cool if it did


Hehe, someone discovered a new filter.

lol shh. it was my first time, and i know it's overkill.

this game is chuck norris approved lol... but seriously that vid made my so eager to play it ^w^

That is a sexy new video right there

hey Jazza i really love all your work i think its really great ut i have a question

could u please recrod ur song "Hop Dop Diddly Op"

i have had it stuck in my hea or ages and i would love for u to record it properly and post in th portal please!

it's going in the album i'm recording and producing this year :)

Looks great, I can see this as an XBLA title, you should ask tom about it. But make sure the combat is fast paced and involves a lot of combos, I think those are the things that makes beat em ups fun.

Looks epic awesome.
Are u a fan of raywilliamjohnson or somethin?


Dan Paladin would be proud

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