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Posted by Jazza - March 9th, 2010


"Larry: Doug-Out"
it's a relatively simple game, endurance based, played as the Alesman of Karryon, selling as much ale as possible before the Town Drunk, Doug, can get to your supply!

While Larry is not in the game, it is based in the world of his series, and my overall aim other then his main story, is to convey a rich world of recognisable characters, and this game is another one of those small steps. in time i hope there to be many larry games, but also many games based around other characters and events!


After years of crappy designs and manual updated in dreamweaver, i finally have a website with a great back end, nice database setup, and it look a lot more inviting then any other version of the website i've made.


Check it out

The Webcomic based around the LARRY series is also released, it will be weekly, top keep those who are interested in the series from asking me constantly for more larry content. Hopefully it will tide you over until each new submission!


i had an urge to make a music video a few weeks ago, so i did, it's of my cover to owl city's fireflies. To those of you who hate the song, i don't apologise, i love it. and that's ok. after all, where would the world be without differences in musical taste?

/* */
i've been working my bum off lately and i really hope to offer you guys some valuable entertainment!!




I'm liking what we're seeing from you :]

The game is simple and fun for what it is,
and the site looks pretty decent too!

A game? About BEER?

If its not out on St. Patty's Day I will be disappointed.

what program do u use with ur voice? i've actually found that garage band is really good for that auto tune kinda sound

u use cubase 5. it comes with an autotune which i dont normally use, but for the pop sound :P

You sort of seem a bit too excited. I mean there are a lot of more popular artists who pretty much just sit there and spam and rant. (JohnnyUtah 9_9)

I'm not sure whether that screenshot is epic or fucked up or both...

i dont know what your getting at. i should make crappy rant submissions? or be more dull? lol.

sorry mate, i love what i do to i'ma keep being excited :)

:D.....im drooling over the stuff you've set up for the world of larry, im especially digging the comic and so WOOT!!!

thanks! i'm glad!

I'm not sure what to type even. All I can do is smile to all this. Such activity from a fellow NG artist is most inspirational. Comics, vids, games - ya doin it all.

If ya are caught in a creative wave I highly suggest giving experimental music a try. Something about both expressing individuality through rare mixtures of music and sound FX, while fooling around like a child musician. The results are neat. I ended up with some experimental industrial steam-punk with hints of operatic metal.

i kinda do what i have the urge to, so as soon as the urge to make some experimental music comes i'll do it in a flash!! good idea though man

thanks for the kind words :)

Jesus christ...
first hulalaoo and now you?
how many people do i have to save from Newgrounds court system???



Yeh, I've heard that song about a million times now in various modes of public transportation. I've thought it had potential to be good, especially your nice piano version, but the autotune just kills it for me. It's so unnecessary and really ugly I think. I was raised on jazz though, so go figure.

fair nuff. i dont usually use it. i did just for a more popish feel.

Awesome stuff jazza, lookin forward to that new episode of larry

thanks dude, in time

This game made my day

i'm glad :)

I like how you make each and every caracter (No matter how backroundish they are) seem like a main caracter or have their own story all together.

addictive hilarious fun.

Your cover for Fireflies was absolutely amazing.

Oh, the irony!
"Dont you wish your Girlfriend was, hot like me?"

The game is quite addictive and somewhat annoying when Doug gets in the keg D:
saw the song a while ago sounds great nice cover man!
and i'm loving your website and comics keep up the great work man!

the comic overflows of tears,for god sake!

Dude, I found a glitch.
I call it "Doug Doesn't Leave" Or DDL for short.
I think it was Day 8 when Doug ran into the room a freakin' 3rd time.
As always, I go in there. I beat him until I got the award, and he still didn't leave. And he naver did either. His head just went into an endless animation loop. Explain?

i can't explain it. that's why it's a bug :)
we'll look into that

Hey uh jazza i hope you read this, its about the new game,

Doug is just way too annoying. In itself, the idea is fine. However, he takes just way too many hits and is too hard to whack. My strategy was merely to have 2 barrels in the back, 1 in the front. I'd usually empty the first barrel and replace it before Doug showed up, and then I just went into the back and repeatedly whacked him in the one remaining barrel. However, even then sometimes he would drink it all. And I think that says something - even when I know exactly where he is going to be if he still beats me when I am holding the best weapon it tells me he is a little too hard. Too hard to hit, too hard to chase off and too hard to catch in time. He really does need to be slightly easier, he drinks too much ale and jumps around frustratingly fast. It would even be better if Doug was coded to appear more often yet be hit and chased off more easily.

And i would like it if you can buy traps like barrels filled with acid so that when doug shows up he can land into that barrel and be chased off instantly, hell maybe add door upgrades for the shed and each upgrade has a certain amount of health and when doug shows up he bashes in the door and then trys to steal your ale.

Please read this and consider this.

Also it would be nice if the money you make from the previous day can roll over onto the next.

it does. in the day it starts of 0 coz it only shows how much youve earned that day, then it adds to what you had before.

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