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Good luck :)

wow. i can't believe you guys got this together with the 48 hour window - unreal man.

Thanks dude :D

Damn it Jazza! You guys are so good!!!

Game's up to your usual level of par, especially with the time frame constraints you faced. Wish you continued luck with Ortus, Larry and your other projects.

Im trying to play it but only i see a black screen D:

Really? Have you updated your flash player? I don't know why it isn't working for you

what i love the most about your games is the art if the game sucks ass and its made by you the art fixes everything art is like the beer at a funeral

Yeah, this is a pretty crushing defeat to the rest of us I fear. Great work guys.

Thank you - Love your art by the way

was feeling okay about my game until I saw this posted and cried in comparison. GODDAMN zeedox and his beautiful backgrounds

haha nice job guys

my name doesnt need a link, everyone knows who i am.

True... true...

creepy girl voices = fun to do. awesome work Jazza, and thanks.

Thanks for pitching in!

Not that I'm complaining about getting an awesome game just about every other Game Jam (I like you guys as a team and wish you luck with future plans), I kind of feel like this is unfair to the other teams. I do think that you guys are what the people of Newgrounds could need to get a kickstart in the right direction; knowing that you guys are competing will want others to work even harder. However, I liked the oldest method---the randomized method of the first couple of jams.
I liked it better when things were kept on a...kind of even playing field, y'know? Well, perhaps I should actually consider developing one of the talents of the Game Jams before I say any further.

I understand what you mean, my team has a lot of experience working with each other, and in intense bursts and compatible workflows, which can be pretty annoying for other participants if their main frustration is getting a team together, or getting their team working well.

I can't very well say we won't participate though, our main motivation as a team is making and releasing a fairly polished game in a very short time span, mainly because we rarely get that luxury (the project we're currently working on together has been in progress for OVER 2 years). Our motive isn't $25 store credit, or trying to crush the efforts of beginners, it's outdoing ourselves, and releasing a finished product.

Game jams also provide such a solid deadline and theme guide that we're forced to work hard, fast, and finish. If we tried to do them on our own time without the competition, it turns into a bigger more draining project, and is less fun - and takes more time away from our main project. I guess they're pretty selfish views, but at the end of the day our motive for Game-Jamming is making a game as a team because we always enjoy working with each other, entries some of us have made with less compatible teams were far less enjoyable to make and resulted in a game less 'liked' by us as contributors...

After the preloader, it's just a black screen for me :(
and I know a couple other people have had the same problem.

Still? I thought we just fixed that...

Jazza, all I keep getting is a black screen after the ads.

Nothing happens. :(

i think we fixed it now

BTW, I'm using Chrome if that helps at all.

if anyone get to black screen the click collapse then click it again then try it again

Who is Lochie?

This game was creepy but the pic makes it even more. Also my balls hurt, you got anything i could borrow?