Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

Age 35, Male


victoria, australia

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this was rather interesting.

you are.

HERE'S A TIP: Dont leave those practice sketches lyin around anywhere.

nice site

yeah, lochie shouldn't go unnoticed, but why add dicks to the end?
Come on jazz, thought you had more class than that ¬¬

yeah, talk of dicks has no place on a site like newgrounds... :P

Nice website...I really enjoyed your comics!

thanks man ^_^

You do know that you have to draw some porn for your fans now, don't you?

this was rather interesting.

YA YOU GOT BETTER !!!!! Good job !

:D <3

Really lovely work, mate. I may have to commission you for a piece of art ... it would actually serve as a reference still for an animated trailer for a mock series.

Also, speaking of big meaty throbbing penises ... Gonzo and I have special treat for all you cock-joke lovers (which have had a noticeable decline ... )

The women you used to draw match your personal art style more... I like the old one better :)

It's always a shame when personal artistic style have to move over for copied art style.. :(

it'll evolve in time, i'm just sick of drawing chicks that look like dudes

I know it's in the affiliated links, but it's still quite sad that Newgrounds is not at the top of your website.

Oh? hmm, i was thinking on houw to approach it and though dividing the 'follow me on' links above and the favorite sites for reference in affiliates...

That's a wonderful improvement on the art there.

First off I'd like to say I'm the same way with drawing the ladies. I have the problem of making them look to broad and thick I guess you could say. They looked manly and not at all like they should. I've also been practicing a little bit with the chickadees and they've been more promising. Your new girl picture is freaking amazing! You really know how to make top quality art! I Love the new site layout to! It looks really nice!!

thanks man :D yeah i always called chiks my Achilles heel.... purely on paper of course.

I know you're a bit busy at the moment, but I wouldn't complain if you added a video on your new "feminine construction method" to your Youtube tutorials collection =D

It took me ages to figure out how to draw women who weren't "manish"... ok they probably still do a little bit.

Anyway, awesome drawings and the website is looking shiny =)

Damn, what an improvement and dramatic change in style! Next time I see you I have to pick you brains on construction!

and i have to pick your brains and eat them

that's some massive improvement
looks very feminine compared to the other one, but I do like the style you used in the old drawing

yay for realizing that woman isn't man+thick lips+two bumps on chest
gj on site too!

Hmm, I won't say your new style of drawing women isn't better, but it lacks any sort of personal flair. Your old style had a kind of masculine charisma while still being feminine (I don't think you gave yourself enough credit), whereas the new chick just looks like photocopied comicbook Angelina Jolie glurge. I hope you consider it to simply be ANOTHER method to use, rather than a REPLACEMENT method.

The Moral: Don't draw with your penis, everything will just look the same.

oh you

It's good drawing from different styles, but I don't know what to think about the before and after pics for some reason :/ It might have something to do with me being female.

I CAN say though that I'd like to see where this is going.

Is it wrong that the ladies gave me a boner?

no. it's right. if you're into that sort of thing.

Nice site update dude!

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