Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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victoria, australia

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Good luck!

Also: "mention the convention"

Joined! :D

I can't wait for Ortus, Jos! I've been watching you since..... The Paladin game, I believe and I'm more excited fr this than I have been for LARRY games. I greatly appreciate the time and effort you and the team have put into this marvelous undertaking! Also, how are you doing?

Only got a mac bro, what do I doooooooo!?!?!?!? D=

Also, nice display rig.

should be able to work with a mac :) join the beta team and we can find out!

Wow gonna rock dude and do you pick the beta testers?If so can a handsome writer join :P?

we're gonna have a very BIG beta testing team and hope all on the FB page can join :)

you were right to pick zeedox, guy damn right makes good texture bump layouts.

the guys is a genius

I just can't wait for ortus :D

good luck
Fun fact: Kisuke Urahara is in this picture :D

shit son, this game gonna kick ass! its gonna be fuckin cool!

Now that I've joined, I expect those naked pics you promised ...


What are you making the game in? Flash? If so, how do you feel that flash can handle bigger projecs? Whenever my projects get bigger Flash starts to whine more and more.

we put up with the whining and beat it with a bag of oranges.

Is this gonna be on PS3? Cos' my computer sucks dick.

Yo 14 people is A LOT OF PEOPLE. An indie team is usually like-- less than 5 dudes.

How far away is this? I still have no clue at all what the game is. I can't even tell if it's 3D or not, or what you do or anything.

Do you have a marketing guy? I'm less excited about this than I am worried.
Do you have enough money? arrrrgh

I'm the marketing guy and I manage the team myself. Environments are built in 3d and then rendered into isometric 2d. we'll be fine, we're just trying to make an awesome game.

So are you the leader of the pack or are you working on someone else's game, so to speak?

And is it gonna be free or are you selling it?

i'm the director and it'll be free

There is no such thing as change, there are no accidents... everything has a purpose... That is the phelosophe of that black martix dude... so, uh, there's no such thing as luck... Good luck anywho!

Now by joining the Facebook page, do you mean "Like" it? Or actually post on the wall that you want to Beta test? And good luck; I believe this game will be awesome and well received by all users/Gamers when it's released...


awesome i cant wait to play it

i dunno facebook, but i product tested in many nintendo games such as:
Donkey Kong Country Returns, World of Goo, Rhythm Heaven, Inazuma Eleven (not out for US), Nintendogs + Cats, Mario's Sports Mix and various other Wii Ware games... overall, i'd join ya into helping your conquest in the product testing field but i can't do the whole facebook thing cuz i lack the skills in the social networking department. PM me if help is needed! Good Luck!