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I haven't really ever heard of it even...but I don't really plan on getting into the entire trend. So, you all who have found it, have fun with a popular trend that will soon pass once again and sooner or later, another will be found in that same cycle.

yup. doesn't make it any less entertaining.


i don't get it whats this about?

Hahaha! that was hilarious. I dropped from my chair when I watched this. And that man sounded like Kikket.

lol, hilarious, did you also use autotune?

in the parody, yes, in the video, no

That voice dub was hilarious, I laughed so much. The kid who chimed in with the unfitting and deep "Yeah!" was perfect.

This hilarious dub gave the original a reason to exist. It also really helps folks realize just how much the lyrics didn't make any sense.

dude your like so awesome your awesomess has gravity

Really the only reason I don't like her is because she is like the female Justin Bieber T_T . High voice, crappy lyrics. Personally I have nothing against them, except when people say that these guys could be like the next Michel Jackson. When I hear that It gets me pissed off because they are comparing this crap to his masterpieces. If they make a song that is actually good (she might you never know) then I will leave it alone.

so true. michael jackson was legend. these kids are phases that last only last as long as children's attention spans.

Mother fucker....

Do any of you imbeciles have anything better to do than mock music videos and teen pop idols? Why not make a time machine out of a Dolorian so you can go back to the '80s and kill it all with meteor? That way, sugary pop music does not become popular in this era to begin with! But no! Everyone thinks it's easier to sit back and point the finger....

Why did we invent the Internet?

Well, since we dont know her personality, we can and should only judge her (by the) song.

Thanks, Jazza. I can now watch the video without hurling.

So I saw this trending on twitter like 2-3 days ago and watched the first 30 seconds and was like ugh...

So i started watching your video and was like man, how did he make up his own HORIBLE lyrics and get the lipsync to work!?

So thanks to you I had to go back and watch the real video again to realize that you didn't change the words, but when there isn't music in the back you realize how bad this song actually is, ha.

yup! that's the idea!

SaladUK did a dubstep video remix of this:
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI7we96Gb5o">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI7we9 6Gb5o</a>

Manly-Chicken stole my comment.

1:15 - I've never laughed so fucking hard.

I didn't notice the difference between the original and the re-dub.

just watched the original and im simply amazed how low people can think to believe that thats called music while the big names like van beethoven and mozart totally seem to disappear, people start to love this kind of shit, i simple cant understand it... the lyrircs are something i could write in a few minutes, so meaningless they are... and her voice is so cheap that if i you pick a random girl from the street, then you have a high chance she can sing way better (and the lirics are so cheap that that random girl doesnt even have the need to learn them anyway)... furthermore there is a beat that stays generally the same the full 3 minutes, WOW that must have been hard to make!!! :O

in other words, you made something funny out of something way too horrible to bear with
you gave the video a way better fitting voice (though i didnt believe they were the true lyrics till i watched the original xD)
great timing by the way

hahahahaha sounds kinda like drunk Elmo

The fried-egg song was good, but the re-dub was a total win :D
I'm sure you spent less time on it, but still, I actually lol'd several times (0:20)

thanks haha. actually, i didnt waste more then 4 hours total.

That was really funny and for some reason Rebecca Black sounded like Elmo to me

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