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In our thoughts! You will pull through this. Your all tough as nails!

..0-0 YAY ME!!

It really seems the apocolypse has started a year early in Australia. I've already donated to the disaster appeal, but it looks like mandatory donations are going to be on the cards for everyone soon enough (not that I have a problem with that).

Also, don't forget Sexual-Lobster.. I love that guys work.

ah thanks, added him :)

Damm some days ago have a disaster in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Can't no money :(
Also i'm underaged.

The best investment I could do with 20 dollars.

You know, the Aboriginals deliberately allowed some areas to burn to protect other areas. They made sure there was a certain distance between every tree or group of trees to make sure they wouldnt have huge ass forestfires.

And now, tons of white Australians can't fucking handle forestfires, and ask everyone for money and sympathy.
Silly thing to think about.

Australia's a freaking bushfire magnet :(

Sam raises a good point.

America says nay

I donated 10 bucks, although now that I see citricsquid's post I kind of agree with him. I'm sure your not the kind of guy that would lie on here to take money but why not do it directly through the charities?

i don't steal, especially with something like this. That would make me a cold hearted bastard. you have no need to worry, and like i said, the purpose of going through the simple page i set up, is so we can all see how well NG is doing in chipping-in, you all get receipts for your donations and can claim it as donation to charity, and all the funds will go directly to relief

also, thank you kindly for your donation :)

Oh jeeze.

Talk about a merciful Poseidon.

I mean, yeah the properties are all gone but I'm glad the injury, missing, and death toll is surprisingly low considering how large amount of Australia got hit.

Dude, imagine if a cyclone like that hit my island.....oh knock on wood knock on wood! D:

I'm british so if I donate british pounds will they somehow get converted into australian dollars?


I want to live in Australia, i envy you >:C

And why the hell isn't this in the news in the U.S.? You can see my disappointment in U.S. media.

it has been a little bit i think... too busy showing Angelina Jolie picking a new baby maybe?

Oi wtf Jazza! MasterAardvark and TheBoogley aren't on that list of Aussie talent >:(

thanks, noted, added :)

That cyclone was ridiculously scary :/
I'd donate, but uh I was in the cyclone myself, up in Townsville, and we're cleaning up our own place.
Though we weren't hit nearly as hard as Tully and such, I feel for everyone who lost their homes and I urge people to donate, it would really help out people.

Do it yanks

Good idea jazz, this is better than a so called "disaster levy". I would donate but for my inherant lack of funds. My best wishes are with everyone who has been helping out or donating, and of course to those struck by such a cruel disaster.

im a Australian and i thank all you guys for helping out

here here!

If this means no more gamer-Tonight, I say let it burn lol

ooh snap!

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