Josiah Brooks is a full time YouTuber/Artist who likes music, beer, beef jerky, and writing profile summaries in the third person.

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victoria, australia

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My mom donated without telling me?!?!


Do you have an estimated release date or is it when ever you finish it

like i said, 8-9 weeks from today, ISH


im stoked man! the screenshot looks badass!

A tutorial on how to make money with NG would be nice =)

ahaha, well to do that you'd have to learn how to animate and draw first!! or do music or code etc. so that would be like, the last tutorial to be done

Make tutorials on Base 10 to Base 8 conversion.


Layer organization sounds good.
Because abaout drawing, everyone have its own skill and I think basic could be good for animation.

Do one on library organization.

No, wait. Don't.


LOL shut up man. i keep my libraries organized in movies. just not games :)

I cant wait to see your tutorial on Villains, sounds fascinating.

I would like to see how to draw in perspective, also on how to make Larry himself.

I'm taking up everyones suggestions (and yours) from the comments on my animation "thief-rents due" and I'm trying to learn fullbody. A tutorial on drawing and perhaps animating clothes would be really usefull (not T'shirts, but things like hoodies, armor, or just some different styles do help us get the idea).

Another good tutorial would be a fbf animation lesson. Your other one was a bit simplistic and I would like to know your method of animating say... a fullbody runcycle or something like that.

I know what I'm asking is a bit complicated and if you dont want to do it thats fine, I just thought I'd ask.

ok so:
-simple fullbody
-fbf animation

great, thanks for the suggestions! and good luck mate

shape tween tutorial

i use these once in a blue moon, theyre kinda useless. although i just spent hours on a 3d matrix style turnaround shot of larry which uses a lot of shape tweens and masks but thats probably beyond simple for the main chunk of the audience.

I think a lip syncing tutorial and a tutorial on how you make backgrounds (or pretty much the entire process of how you personally make your art, if you start on paper or go straight to flash) would be great. :3

Larry looks so silly and epic.

lol thanks

I don't remember you being in australia.

all muh life :)

lip syncing should be good
where i can found your previous tutorials?

my jazzastudios youtube account :)

Excellent! It will be a September 1/8 to remember.

Do something like Adam Phillips did, where we get to see you construct your animation in real-time. I'm sure you use more tweens than he does, and I'm curious to see how exactly you manage those things.

hm... a good idea, though when i'm animating the series my brain is undestractible so talking would be kinda out mostly. i'll have to think what scene i'd do, i already finished the most impressive animation part :S

You should do a tutorial on shading please :P

Dude it looks like its gonna be awesome keep up the good guys and also dude this make this a DVD like Paladin when your done with the series of Larry : D.

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