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sweet, been waiting for this :) looking forward to the game too, sounds great!

I think it was great! I really like the fact that you don't just focus on Larry! I hope to see more random people in some future episode. Keep up the good work!

thats the idea, glad you like it mate. LOTS MORE CHARACTERS to come. :D

cool! I will review it later because of school though

i look foreward to reading it mate.

I like how they randomly say we after every thing.

Also, priest hitting monk = awesome. But, priest hitting on altar boy = even more awesome. :P

voted 5!

lol thanks dude.

Aw man... that means 3 more months of waiting. >"_"<

I've got lots to say, which I'll leave in a review when I've thought carefully on how to put it in words.

Keep up the good work.

i looke freward to reading it :)

HUZZAH! New Jazza game on the horizon. Paladin was great, so needless to say, a Larry game should be most promising. Can't wait to play the stuffing out of it.

I think it would of been MUCH funnier while pasrts of the last episode were takeing part.

why would anyone want to see this movie on newgrounds if things are so much better on youtube?

noooo don't say it like that!!!! it's not how i meant it :P newgrounds is the cats pyjamas.

heh, a game would be a great idea. i hope it's something LARRY based :D
LARRY 1.5 was great. Lotsa flailing arms tho :p
I think the LARRY series will become imbedded in newgrounds history so keep up the great work!

Wow, I can't wait to play the game even I'm waiting :P
By the way, THE BIG IMPORTANT QUESTION I have to ask you IS IT A FREE GAME :P?

duh. that means yes. :)

you are good at voices!

thank you.

btw... you kinda smell man. take a bath.

did you use CS4 to make this? Buuuuuut anyway it was great.

yeah i dide but only coz CS3 was buggy, i'll be going back to CS3 for the game.

eh it sorta figured cause the way they were walking and it gave me sorta a tap in the back to ask that

Your new series is great! One question I have though is will you have Larry and the other chracters you introduce interact together in a pivotal role in the series later on?

i wouldn't say PIVOTAL at this point, but theyre in the same city theyre bouse to interact, weather it be in movies games or the soon to be, comics.

I think you make too many posts.

... ok?

I can see why you made it a 1.5, it doesn't have much to do with larry himself, but we are getting to know the other characters. Great Movie.


I enjoyed the story dude.
Well animated and great style.
For me this helped flesh out this world. Made it feel real, and that's hard to find/do.

But, for me it's fleshed out for Larry's story purposes... if that makes sense. These stories have a lot of depth... maybe not in the "super mature jokes" but in the characters as well as the world.



thanks man! yeah thats the whole idea, to really make it a more tanjible world full of recognizable characters and what not.

Left you a thorough review mate. Hope I didn't sound too harsh. I really enjoyed the episode; that's why I put that as my first point before I started the constructive criticism. I suppose I could have spent all 4000 characters praising you, but that would have no meaning would it? I want to be of some help to point out some flaws I think can be fixed to make your upcoming episodes much better.

Remember, that your score reflects how good your episodes are already.
A 4.5 score is well enough to make it into the top weekly, but I want to see your scores go into the 4.7~4.8 category. That would make me smile, seeing one of my favorite characters making into the realm of the gods.

As for the game, I'm really looking forward to it. (It better have medals!!!) Your former success, Paladin, was action-paced and really well-made, with just perhaps the flaw of being too brief. We are hoping to see Larry being able to go beyond just a few levels to a full-fledged story game.

A bit more on my 3rd point in the review - I forgot to mention that although you shouldn't make these people "filler" characters (characters with no meaning and no part of the plot), you do need to develop side characters to make the world more believable, interactive, and give variety to it. It is a wonderful idea and I absolutely support it. In fact, forget just supporting the idea, that idea is essential.

What I'm actually trying to say is, I guess, is if you want to make a character, give them meaning to the story. I suppose it's like a central river and branching rivers. All river branches should flow into the central river for the river to flow into the ocean. They need to link and go together into something big, with each branch contributing to the central river going to the ocean. What I'm trying to say is to give these characters a role in the story aside from just side-laughs. Develop these characters. If you give Larry special abilities, give them special abilities, perhaps not as strong as Larry's, but something still give these characters development. ALWAYS make the characters reappear (though I don't think that's one of your problems) and try to bring the characters into the central storyline. If they're not part of the central storyline, then what are they doing in the show? It's like what Stephen King once said, I will go back to every object and character I created and mentioned later on in the story, even if it's only a chair, because I do not want to waste a word creating something that doesn't even play a part in my story. I'm sure you'll do this just fine. You've already a well-recognized flash artist on newgrounds; or a legend on newgrounds as you may call it.

An example, though you don't necessarily have to take the idea, is for the Normans not being able to go home turn into a fateful mistake that whirled them in somehow on Larry's war against the messed up advisor. You could keep them in for laughs, but remember, give them a role in the story, even if it's only a little one. That would be keeping to your show dedicated to pulling cliches, but at the same time, giving an epic story that we would all so wonderfully enjoy.

By the way, a question I've been meaning to ask - may I translate Larry to other languages (with your permission, and giving you full credit of course)? I'm from a country where english is not the dominant language (I'm an exception, because I grew up in the United States for 15 years before moving to Taiwan for undergraduate coursework). Even though I'm from National Taiwan University and there are quite a few maniacs since NTU is Taiwan's top school, there will bound to be some references and insider jokes that only people familiar with English will understand.

It would expand your fanbase and Chinese people dominate 1/7 of the world's population, if not more. And if that works, it could be translated into Spanish, Korean, Italian, Japanese, German, etc. And I want to help contribute and support all your work.

Eh... that's probably all I want to say. I'll keep myself updated on your other works and I'm sure you won't fail to please me.

Your fan forever,

wow man, you sure do offer a lot to read! thanks :)

i knew the score of this episode wouldnt be HUGE (mind you 4.5ish is still something i'm very happy with) but larry 1 for instance peaked around 5.8 and i dont plan for that to stop. episode 2 will be more epic then i can explain (in comparisson to my works)

i give you permission to translate whatever you want, but 100% credit given where it's due ofcourse.

as for whats coming in the series, i have it figured out for a LONG time to come. while i do take suggestions, i'm very satisfied in the direction i have the series going. characters will always interact and stuff, but theyll never be a big focus. .5 episodes aside, the series is about larry+kikket versus the bad guys, and theres a lot to come.

Oh right - about the game. Do you remember my review on Larry Episode 1 regarding the stats of the Larry? Roughly through your show and don't tell, I've figured out a few things about Larry:

Offensive stats: High, because of how he ripped that messenger of the king apart

Defensive stats: Low, because of how he got pummeled bloody from the slam of a door and cried from getting a weak whack from Kikket

Stamina/Energy Stats: Low, because of how tired he was from kikket's training. Or maybe kikket had him doing over 9000 pushups already that he's tired, but I prefer to think you're giving him low stamina/energy.

Intelligence Stats: This is probably one of the analysis I'm having difficulty with. While I do like to think that Larry carries a lot on his shoulders and has a lot of experience in underground and illegal activities, which one can infer from him faking he's 19... unless he's actually really 19 and has dwarfism (stunted growth). However, he's not exactly boy genius like Jimmy Neutron from Nickelodeon or Dexter from Cartoon Network. And I'm guessing he's lacking a little in common sense. While he is street smart, relatively clever, and possess a bit of knowledge, he does not possess the highest intelligence so I'd rate it say... above average.

Speed: This is also something quite difficult to analyze. We have not yet seen Larry's dash speed or leg speed. Larry's quite able in attack speed, as it took him literally 7 seconds to rip apart the messenger (or was it 6? I didn't time it). But he does not have the awareness or reflex to match it, else he would've avoided the door instead of being smashed apart with it. Averaging those together, I'd say, he's not low, but he's below average.

Wow, you really did make Larry the underdog.

Say... if that means Larry the game is next in work, then that'll be 3 more months (late May, early June?) And then after that, unless you have another special thing planned out, that'll be 3 more months until Larry 2.

Wow, that's going to be a very tough wait.

I see the direction you're going in actually. I think that the regular Larry episodes will be tense, suspenseful, and possibly horrifying to the point that we may need a little intermission (the .5s) for a breather to break the tension.

And why do I get a feeling that you're somehow going to incorporate a dragon in one of the later episodes? With a hero there's always a mentor (a trainer - you've already shown who it is), a villain (the king's advisor), a monster (usually related to a dragon) and there's always a princess (I can't wait to see how you're going to portray the "princess").

Oh and by the way, I forgot to give props to kikket being a racist bastard and a scourge in contrast to most mentors being upright and full of justice and love. That was my favorite part in Larry 1.5 when he told them to go back to their own countries.

lol i like your analisis. good job. i know how he would play dont worry. VERY fast, very aggressive, but takes a hit hard. anyone would be slow to react to a door hitting them from behind when they werent expecting anything, but yeah, he's really really fast. thats why i'm looking foreward to the game, it'll be a really fest paced action brawler.

oh and larry IS 19. he's a midget. as for brain power, he's a smart guy, just easily frustrated.

while i'm not giving specific dates for released coz i cant promise anything, i''d ROUGHLY say give each project 2 months. dont quote me. it often takes longer then i think, but larry 1.5 was scheduled for a 6 week production period and hit the mark exactly, because i scheduled very precisely. i plan to do so with these coming projects.

your pretty well spot on with predicted characters coming in, i look foreward to revealing the princess, that wont be til ep 3, but you could meet a dragon in 2.5, doesnt make him a bad guy tho.

yeah, kikket is a jerk, but i dont think any loving patient trainer would have what it takes to deal with larry. :P

And yes, thank you for your earnest response in both my review and comment.

thanks for your support and kind words :)

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