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I'm Leaving Newgrounds!

2008-08-05 02:41:59 by Jazza

Well newgrounds, it's been a crazy run, but it's time i take a break!

I Got my Missionary Service call yesterday! :D
I'm going to be serving in the Australia Perth Mission, and i can't wait!

I'll post in the next 5 weeks and have the demo version of Brotherhood of Battle out, and also my two short films will be uploaded somewhere too. Then i'll post one lasy goodbye, or rather 'Smell Ya Later'!

Any questions?
Anyone gonna miss me?
Anyone even read this? lol jk

i heart you newgrounds


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2008-09-13 23:35:33

aw that sucks i was just getting to know ur work

see you in 2010 man (thats when il be 16)

peace enjoy ur trip


2008-09-02 16:24:40

sry to post again :) but what are you going to be doing on your missionary service thing? are you just going to hang out in Perth and be nice? lol
(im serious i have no clue what you could be doing :( ))
well...~Have A Nice Day!~
Goodluck being nice! :)


2008-09-02 16:17:13

:( damn now who's going to make videos i can 5 all the time
Good luck in Australia!!

~Have A Nice Day!~


2008-08-31 04:20:12


I can't believe one of my absolute favourite flash artists is leaving Newgrounds... for a few years or so :(

I loved the composer, love Paladin, and now... you're going away.
I'll miss you.

So you're going away to be a Missonary eh? that means you're a Mormon, right?
Yeah, one of my best friends is also a Mormon. And we also live in Australia!
w00t! Australia!
'Cept, we live in Adelaide, and not Victoria.
Where all the COOL kids are. jk.

Anyway, kinda know what its like helping the community out and stuff. I'm a CFS cadet, and I like the warm fuzzy feeling you get knowing you're helping out your/a community. So I can see why you're going.
Still going to miss your awesome work. See ya man!

Jazza responds:

thanks bro. and yep, GO AUSTRALIA! lol.


2008-08-27 14:23:20

your leaveing eh? that sucks


2008-08-27 07:05:51

Well, Jazza.......all I have to say after reading this sad sad post is.....USE YOUR NAPPY GUN TO STOP UM!!1


2008-08-25 04:47:07

OMG! This can't be happening to me. (Bursts into tears). Oh well at least you're coming back. Oh and also, before you go I have a few questions.
1. Are you making a second Paladin series? I can't stand the suspense anymore... SOMEBODY TELL ME!
2. You mentioned a paladin dvd with all the episodes plus some extras. Is this being sold at your shop in Melbourne? If so where is the shop because I live in Melbourne and I really wanna buy it.
3. This is not really a question but have fun in Perth mate! Keep making the wonderful animations that you have made in the past. The Composer was wonderful!

(Updated ) Jazza responds:

1 - maybe one day. i have a story roughed out, but i dont know if i'll be an animator, but hey i might be a director so i could make a big budget movie of it :)

2 - sold online. soon will be available on the NG store

3 - thanks!


2008-08-24 21:49:36

nothin gave way to self-abosrbtion *coughs(hair)* what ih nothing. lol jk mate anyway have a good time and enjoy the mission. talk later.


2008-08-23 22:15:07

Jazza, i promise, when you come back, I will make a movie dedicated to you! everyone will miss u jazza. I hope u have a safe trip, and good luck!


2008-08-22 12:34:51

Oh yeah, how did the composer do in that animation competition a couple of months ago? I never heard the results for it.

Jazza responds:

second :)


2008-08-22 12:33:13

srrry bout last comment, didn't bother reading other posts first. GO LDS, WOOO!
: P


2008-08-22 12:31:58

Hey, r u LDS?


2008-08-21 08:53:50

What religious denomination is the mission?

Jazza responds:

church of jesus christ of latter day siants :)
also known as 'mormon'


2008-08-21 00:54:55

I'm going to miss your amazing music. I hope you come back some day, and I'll wait for that day to come, but if it never does I guees I'll have to wait forever.

Jazza responds:

it'll come :)


2008-08-20 13:07:27

we will miss you...(^_^)
just tell us when you come back all right


2008-08-19 21:19:55

Missionary? Holy Crap, who woulda thought. Good Luck


2008-08-19 13:53:47

man good art work your one of my fav new grounds artist


2008-08-19 00:17:12

so thats it huh? you gonna leave just like that?! what about US??? i knew you were cheating on me!!! who is the skank this time? adam? george? was it smith?? after all these years youre gonna go arent ya? im not a piece of meat! i try! i even take pills now .. ok we need to talk


2008-08-17 11:34:25

I'll miss you


2008-08-17 01:39:40

Can you make a Jazza Day? They made a Luis Day didn't they? But what would it be about... T_T

Jazza responds:

haha that would be cool :)
i'm not gonna go out and organise my own day tho lol


2008-08-16 23:33:16

I'll miss you

Your fan
San-FranSisqo :,(


2008-08-16 19:32:42

I hope you come back, eventually. You're one hell of a good animator


2008-08-16 02:46:24

if they actually decide to do a "goodbye jazza collab" i am seriously tempted to buy flash and practice my ass off and then beg to participate. your flashes are the ultimate example of fluidity in animation (there might be one-- two TOPS who are more fluid than you), and generally kicked ASS.
your a great animatior, and ill miss seing new submissions from you, but ill be happy knowing you are helping people find the right path.
good luck, and when you return, if i have picked up flash by then (im a slow learner on computer programs) PLEASE do something simple with me!!!
you are one of my favorite animators OF ALL TIME MAN!!!!


2008-08-15 21:13:52

You are an inspiration! Bless you.


2008-08-15 15:42:40

w8 ur r going 2 australia from australia.... so what?

Jazza responds:

lol point is i wont be on newgrounds not where ['m going.


2008-08-14 23:51:50

hope you'll bring a laptop with ya to work on movies and stuff................................
I heart you (tear)


2008-08-14 17:34:09

You will be missed, friend. The Composer is simply inspiring and the same could be said of your music. It has certainly blessed me.

I pray for safety on the mission field. Come back in one piece and bring us some awesome music! I'll attempt to catch up to you skill-wise while you're gone. Perhaps I'll improve and we can collab when you are back. :P

God bless,


2008-08-14 04:06:32

Yeah sure dude, if you're around give me a buzz. PM me if you want my mobile.

Dunno what there is to do here in Perth though honestly, lmao.


2008-08-11 15:43:18

wats the Australia Perth Mission?
good luck anyway whatever it is.

Jazza responds:

it's like, teaching and serving people in the australia perth area


2008-08-11 13:02:47

Been a fan for a long time man. You're doing a good thing. Wish you well.

Jazza responds:

thanks man


2008-08-11 01:29:50

I think I'm gonna cry.... Hug me?


2008-08-10 23:28:12

Sorry for posting so late, you probably won't see this for a long time but all I can say right now is best wishes on your misionary trip and I hope things go for the best. Have a good one!


2008-08-10 22:41:27

OMG! two years is a long time! why do u have to leave? WHYYY!!!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!? plz try to come back soon!

i heart you, jazza


2008-08-10 19:25:52

later man. we WILL miss you.


2008-08-10 16:51:33

ill miss you jazza D':


2008-08-10 13:03:39

were going to miss you to


2008-08-10 09:00:52

NOOOOOO JAZZA DON'T! DON'T LEAVE!!! EVERYONE WILL MISS YOU!! PLEASE cOME bACK?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (you made a gr8 game that everyone will remember forever.... it will always be in the dusty corners of newgrounds.... goodluck! im going to miss you!)


2008-08-10 01:21:03

Go and leave and come back and make more flash


2008-08-07 09:19:51

< 3


2008-08-07 05:43:18

I'll look out for an Elder Brooks then when you come to wawrick stake, get into duncraig ward and it will be sweet.. You can come round anytime and use my comp to err.. update things.. if you don't mind bending the rules a bit :P
Good chance you will end up in wawrick sometime or another though, it's one of the bigger stakes in the northern suburbs of perth.. Feel free to email me any questions you might have at Looking forward to seeing ya here, I have a few good non member friends which can get you out of door knocking too.. lol

Jazza responds:

i wont remember the name but, do keep your eye out. It'll be a mad experience to have someone tell me they know me from my 'online' life haha.

and nah i wont be bending any rules, BUT i will go crazy on your friends doors!


2008-08-06 21:35:04

Are you telling me your Jewish.

Jazza responds:

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
also known as mormon


2008-08-06 11:38:21

oh NOES!
2 Years and no computers?
Surely Like There Must Be Computers In Perth???

Have A good one...shit ill be 17 in 2 years :o !!!!


2008-08-06 02:15:02

Good luck and ... MORMON POWER! :-P

Jazza responds:

yaaay mormons!


2008-08-05 22:33:39

I'll miss you. U are my favorite animator, and always will be. :(


2008-08-05 20:06:49

We'll miss you...


2008-08-05 19:55:37

why do have to leave? i never seen you before.


2008-08-05 19:48:53



2008-08-05 18:59:20

Show them the light of the Paladin!


2008-08-05 18:29:34

not only will I miss you, but you will ahve a shitload of pms to read when you get back : (

also going on missions is painful and exhausting, but fun, you will learn a lot of stuff. be sure to have a great time

: D


2008-08-05 18:05:01

well then cya jazza. and good luck (on whatever it is you have to do)

P.S i beat the paladin game twice!